Hello,I'm a Freelance Front-End / Web Developer with over 10 years design experience and 7 years Agency experience. I have strong conceptualization skills with a love to focus on Typography,Layout & Hand Coding to assist in developing modern web app building.


Front End Core Scripting Skills

HTML/Html5 95%
CSS/CSS3 85%
JavaScript/jQuery 75%
React.Js 70%
Node.Js 70%

Application Skills

Mac, Terminal, Vim, Textmate, Sublime Text, Atom, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Suite.

CMS/Frameworks Knowledge

WordPress, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Node.JS(Express), Meteor.JS

Language Skills

Ruby, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB

Other Core Skills

React.JS, Angular 1x, Angular 2x, SaSS, Less, Webpack, ES2015, Bootstrap

2003 – Current | afrodesiamedia - Freelance Web Developer |

Client’s – Unified Records, Bailiwick Theater, Valet 1, RH Foundation, Sisters Embracing Life, Infinite System Support, Sandstorm Design, Robert Black Magnet School.

  • Gained facts about the projects on hand to help visualize the client’s intended purpose and respected audience.
  • Used various methods to conceptualize and develop a strategy to invoke the client’s message through the process of functional design.
  • Implemented the design in the desired medium that helped the client’s message.

April 2018 – Current | AtlasGXP) - (Contractor) |

  • Created CRUD sections Using React and Meteor and MongoDB.
  • Created HTML5 Responsive UI Elements for whitelist Application.

Aug 2017 – Oct 2017 | United Airlines - (Contractor) |

  • Updated custom PHP Web App for their service partners
  • Created HTML5 Responsive Info graphics using HTML and CSS.

Jan 2017 - May 2017 | Merge Design + Interactive - (Contractor) |

  • Creating a custom build Web App for their premier Financial Client
  • Various custom code implementations, using Node.js, HTML5, CSS3 JQuery & SVG animations..

Jan 2017 | Norton Agency - (Contractor) |

  • Updated a previously built Microsite with new content.
  • Implemented a new custom responsive navigation.

Aug 2016 – Sept 2016 | Reason Media Group - (Contractor) |

  • Created a web SPA app using Wordpress that displayed a custom recipe picker
  • Implemented some custom responsive layouts using Html, SCSS, Jquery.

Feb 2016 – Aug 2016 | Norton Agency - (Contractor) |

  • Building a collections of Microsites for their premier medical client.
  • Implemented some custom responsive layouts using Html, SCSS, Jquery.

Sept 2015 – Dec 2015 | Marketron - (Contractor) |

  • Helped implement Custom Web componets for their custom CMS tools for various clients
  • Created custom layouts for mobile applications using Html,SCSS,handlebars and Backbone.js/Marionette.

June 2015 – July 2015 | Human Capital Media - (Contractor) |

  • Implementing Web pages for WordPress MU sites across their network.
  • Created custom post types for their unique event content.
  • Helped devise and implement an organizational structure for all event single page (SPA) data.

May 2014 – Oct 2014 | (HotLegg LLC Co) - (Contractor) |

  • Re-constructed a new design and helped implement specific Wordpress Client E-Commerce sites.
  • Strategized a new plan to help deal with their Mobile Design problem, using responsive Media Queries
  • Fixed content issues and various flow problems by implementing data a new data strategy.

March 2014 | 435Digital (TribuneCo.) - (Contractor) |

  • Helped with their Responsive design coding needs for mobile viewports on their existing Wordpress Client sites.
  • Updated existing content for various layouts.
  • Fixed various browser issues so related related to IE specifically.

Sep 2013 | Abelson Taylor - (Contractor) Front-End Dev |

  • Created email newsletters for internal client using standard tables and inline styling.
  • Updated existing Email campaign newsletters.

July 2013 | Blue Cross Blue Shield - (Contractor) Front-End Dev |

  • Helped implement starting point code for main website main navigation.
  • Html, CSS, Media Queries and JavaScript were used to help re-shape the layout for the Responsive push.
  • Helped update content and html changes for various internal sites.
  • Created Photoshop mock-ups for the UI Shopping Cart experience.

May 2013 | Zocalogroup (Contractor) Front-End Dev |

  • Helped implement code for Single Page Responsive Application. (SPA)
  • Html 5, CSS 3, Media Queries and JavaScript were used for this short turn project.

Dec 2012 – Jan 2013 | LiveLab (Contractor) Front-End Dev |

  • Helped update existing website and various social media using Html, CSS & Jquery.
  • Created a Responsive design web app demo using Media Queries, HTML and CSS.

Nov 2012 | Manifest Digital - (Contractor) Front-End Dev |

  • Created code for a new Administration Form (QueSocial), using Html, CSS & Jquery.
  • Helped integrate new styles in existing QueSocial Application.

Aug – Sept 2012 | ShiftGig - (Contractor) Front-End Dev |

  • Created code for a new Responsive design layout, using Html, CSS & Media Queries.
  • Helped integrate new styles in existing Drupal Framework.
  • Created a media kit via InDesign, outlining Shiftgigs product value for business consumers.

Jan – Feb 2012 | Network Insights - MTV CA (Contractor) Front-End Dev |

  • Created Html, CSS & Jquery components for MTV special social media application .
  • Helped integrate the Creative Adaption for via Java based framework.

Nov 2011 | Black Well Consulting - Exelon Mobile (Contractor) |

  • Helped integrate the Creative Adaption for Exelon’s Intranet site via SharePoint.
  • Sorted thru all potential layout problems and helped re-code the Html and CSS to fit the designed Final Screen wireframes.

Oct 2011 | IA Collaborative - Wordpress Developer (Contractor) |

  • Help start the process Implementing a new custom UX designed website for IA Collaborative public facing site.
  • The website was implemented using Wordpress, using Html, CSS, Jquery, PhP MySQL.

October 2011 | NewControl - (Contractor) Front–End Dev |

  • Help start the process Implementing a new custom UX designed website for IA Collaborative public facing site.
  • The website was implemented using Wordpress, using Html, CSS, Jquery, PhP MySQL.

March 2011 | - (Contractor) Front–End Dev |

  • Created HTML and CSS Markup for a custom video Facebook microsite application.
  • Created a static Microsite for their Annual Meeting Conference 2011.



(CSS3, HTML, JQuery, MediaQueries, Bootstrap) - HealthCare Medical Website ) .

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Cacique - Matchmaker

(CSS3, HTML, JQuery, MediaQueries, Wordpress, SPA) - Responsive micro recipe SPA app) .

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Learn About Barretts - Medtronic

(CSS3, HTML, Javascript, MediaQueries) - Responsive Micro Website) .

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Fruit Friends

Fruit Friends

(CSS3, HTML, Javascript, MediaQueries, Sass, Twitter Bootstrap) - Responsive SPA(Single Page App) .

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(CSS3, HTML, Javascript, MediaQueries, Wordpress) - Responsive Wordpress website) .

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(CSS3, HTML, Jquery, MediaQueries) - Responsive test demo for a small video media corp.


(CSS3, HTML, Jquery) - Business Corporate travel agency site.

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(CSS3, HTML, MediaQueries) - Responsive design layout template.


(CSS, HTML, Jquery) - Internal Social media application for MTV

(CSS, HTML5, Jquery, Wordpress) - Public facing website for Chicago based UX/UI design firm

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My Tube

React.js based app centered around youtube search

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Simple Angular 1x app using local storage

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Voting App

React.js/Redux voting app

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Basic React Form

React.js clientside Basic Form

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